Image Documentaries For Free 2 e1695946390921 Documentary Storm is brimming with free educational films for deed thinkers. Watch top documentaries in HD quality like “Born into Brothels”, a documentary about the inspiring non-profit foundation Kids With Cameras, which teaches photography skills to children in marginalized communities (Society).

“Vote for Me”, where the Chinese Director Weijun Chen’s charming film takes us into the world of Chinese schoolchildren, learning about democracy for the first time as they try to vote for their class monitor (Political Movements).

“Search for the Afeghan Girl”, with Steve McCurry producingImage Film Documentary Wasteland 2 e1695946425622 hundreds of photographs that have captured the pain and suffering of its people, a 23 years of experience in war-torn Afghanistan (Photography); “Waste Land”, an emotional journey from Jardim Gramacho, the world’s largest landfill on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro (Art).

“Favela Rising”, the acclaimed film about the Vigario Geral Favela in Rio and a tragic night in 1993 where police officers assassinated 21 residents in an attempt to avenge 4 officers’ deaths at the hands of drug lords (Culture); and “Hummingbird”, filmed in Recife by an American filmmaker that focus in a couple of determined women decided they would try to break the cycle of domestic violence and get kids off the streets; among others cool staff! –

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