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i002The world prepares for a Brazilian Soccer Extravaganza. It’s time for the World Cup 2014, the world’s biggest soccer competition in the world’s most hedonistic country. The combination could cure a prude. The Olympics…The Super Bowl… what I can affirm is that the World Cup is more beloved by far more of the biggest sport fans on the planet. And having Brazil as the country host makes it even more special. 

The only other time Brazil hosted this tournament was in 1950, in a world cup that forever will be in the memory of the Brazilian people when, in a final game over 170,000 supporters crammed into the iconic Maracana Stadium, heavily-favored Brazil saw the winner’s trophy slip from its grasp in a 2-1 loss to its neighbor and rival, Uruguay. 

The 2014 World Cup, as any reasonable sports analyst can predict, has the Brazilian team as one of the top favorites to win the tournament. Besides the home-field advantage, the yellowblue team has history on its side. Brazil is the only team to succeed in qualifying for every World Cup competition ever held and in the previous nineteen World Cups; six have been won by the host nation. The Last time it happened was in 2002. Brazilians are now coming off a 1-0 loss to France in the 2006 World Cup quarterfinals and 2-1 to the Netherlands in the 2010 quarterfinals, so this time Brazilians are “going crazy” waiting for a final game and a second carnaval party in the year of 2014! 

Soccer is taken very seriously in Brazil. It is the favorite pastime for kids, teens and adults in the country. The World Cup draws Brazilians together to watch the national team play, at home, at the office or wherever is possible. Usually, workers get a pause from their duties to watch their team in action for ninety minutes. A lot of businesses and organizations allow their workers for getting this break. 

Soccer or better said “Futebol” for Brazilians is the most popular sport in the world, and the World Cup doesn’t matter who is the host country, it could bring people together. That no matter what was going on in one’s life, the rarity of the tournament could serve to unite families, friends and loved ones, all for the love of the game. 

I finish this first article for the “2014 World Cup” special issue with my prediction for the final game. After analyzing all the groups and simulating various possible playoff games and respective winners, I have concluded that it’d be Brazil and Argentina in the final. I have asked fifty people among Brazilians and Argentineans “What you would like to see in the World Cup final?”, and almost 80% of the answers coincide with my predictions. Maybe, because the rivalry among Brazilians and Argentineans and the fact that the 2014 World Cup will be held in Brazil. 

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