By Maurício Bridi | Translation: Lindenberg Junior

 encounter with the deeper innerselfWho would have imagined meditation to become so popular during the 60’s. Known as a necessary tool for your auto-awareness and happiness. However, long before it’s spreading reaction across the western world, oriental masters (like Paramahansa Yogananda) were already teaching and winning believers through out the different corners of America.

After 3 decades, meditation has become part of our culture. Just like psychoanalysis was popular in the 70’s and 80’s, a time when most intelectuals were learning the ideas of Freud and Jung. Meditation today, is being practiced by thousands of westerners as a part of the daily routine. It’s also a standard practice used in medicine, psychology, education and self-enrichment.

Reeducating your awareness is essential to meditation. The secret is to redirect your focus, effective for controling the mind and anxiety, reducing stress, heart rate and blood pressure; increase of creativity and muscle tone; strengthening of the immune system, and improvement of your sleeping habits.

The level of attention used in meditaion makes the person experience the the processes of the mind, noticing all the subtle segments and patterns of thought. As the ammount of thought patterns lower, your inner true qualities are exposed and you could feel the deeper inner peace, feel sensations of happiness, joy, enthusiasm and high energy. When you meditate, you can see the world, people and priorities of life from a diferent perspective. Our values improve and we interact differrently with others. You are able to purify your thoughts and replace the negative ideas with positive actions.

Eventhough differnet methods of meditation exist (Tibetan and Transcendental) the main objective is the same.mountain-pose-815291_1280 There are two levels of meditation. The first, a more superficial type of relaxation and tranquility. The second is more intense, with applied skilled knowledge and practice. Life emerges from a more internal world. It is a very delicate experience. When you touch your soul, you are able to notice how things actually happen.

A question: Are you able to move equaly between the two worlds? Well, when you rationalize in the spirtual world, things happen easier in the physical world. Thoughts and feelings are free of egotistical personal interests, we experiment the flow of the world in favor of our direction. Everything happens more naturally. When you understand the spriritual world, you carry yourself with the same natural posture as when you walk down the street.

The meditation experience happens beyond the level of thoughts, the mind is only the beginning stage. However, a thought has no emotion nor real force. Meditation requires dedication of the interrior of the person. If this isn’t given, the life, personality and manners of the person will not change.

When we meditate, we should really focus with all of our emotions. We could compare meditation to other exercises, if you don’t completely dedicate yourself entirely, you will not completely perform all of the movements.

A Pleasurable Routine

Meditation should be practiced daily so you can notice the benifits it brings to your life. It can affect your physical, mental and emotional health. Meditation should be a pleasure and not an obligation. With daily practicing coming from the heart, you will be successful from the benefits meditation has to offer.

know yourselfAnytime is a good time for meditation, early mornings are the most adequate. After you awake, the mind is fresh and rested, and hasn’t yet involved itself with issues and problems of the day. The energy attained from this early morning maditation will have a positive affect all day long. We should fill ourselves with energy and power before problems develop. Kind of like creating a shield to reject the spears that attack us from the the unexpected angles of life.

By setting a determined time of the day to practice, sitting in peace or relaxing to soothing sounds, you will develop one of the steps to successfully training and creating meditative driven concious.

It’s also possible to meditate while actions are being done. The time we spend takin care of chores or running errands, or other things that don’t require a higher level of concentration. Our mind can be in meditation mode while driving, walking, or washing dishes, by disconnecting from what ever you’re doing. This technique is called Karma Yoga. This works really well for individuals suffering from depression and anxiety and hyperactive personalities.

An Expanded Concious

By knowing how to manage your reasoning and feelings at the right place and time you can live with an improved quality. This lifestyle can be reached in little time by practicing meditation, knowing the steps to take at the right time. Meditation will not make your problems go away, but it will definately prepare you with the right tools to solve those issues and help you avoid new ones.

The experiences of life are necessary to validate our understanding and development. Evaluate your development by looking at yourself in the mirror of your mind and observe how you were able to overcome a new obstacle recently encountered.

*Mauricio Bridi is a Philosopher and Yogi. Reside in São Paulo Brazil and dedicates time to the Spiritual University of Brahma Kumaris, established in India in 1937. Today the university expands 4000 schools in 70 different countries.

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