By Sandra Lobo | Translation: Ricado Dantas

ejercicios faciales

Day-to-day and work pressure is common for all professionals. From the simple to the more concentrated levels of mental and physical pressure, this develops the subtle and dangerous stress that can also cause facial fatigue. In consequence, facial muscles become flaccid and make the face appear fallen and tired, aging from the daily battle of life.

Bartira Bravo, a Brazilian personal facial trainer, says “Appearance is fundamental, especially for the professional environment. The face shows the physical condition of a person and people need a healthy appearance to successfully participate in the workplace that is constantly more competitive.”

Here is 3 Easy Steps to Facial Gymnastics:

Step 1 – Close your eyes tightly for five to seven seconds, slowly opening to your neutral position. Repeat this movement five times.

Step 2 – Open your eyes the most you can and raise your eyebrows and forhead as high as possible, hold for five to seven seconds and repeat five times.

Step 3 – Create a very largely forced smile hold for a couple of seconds and slowly release to your normal face. Repeat five times. Perform these excercises daily.

She has based her research and technical facial exercises on the book “Ageless Body” by American author Marjorie Craig, published in the seventies. She dedicates her work to physical fitness and to self esteem through facial exercises. There’s a common misconception about facial exercises and many believe it’s to prevent aging. This activity is also practiced by people on weight-loss programs; athletes who want a well balanced toned body and face, creating whole-body harmony; on plastic surgery maintenance and people who carry facial paralysis.

Having a good physical appearance is not just a privilege for the young. For this to occur, we need to have a well balanced face, with firm muscles, just as we do with our bodies. Basically, we must also do facial exercises. Only a well coordinated routine of facial movements can allow improvement to the appearance. Facial exercises should be a lifelong project. It’s also relaxing and it relieves internal pressure of mind and body.

People with more self-confidence are able to relate better to their surroundings. With only 15 minutes a day, in front of any mirror, facial exercises may be performed at any time or any place, whether it’s in the car or bathroom, at work or in your home. It all depends on you, so what are you waiting for? Get in front of the mirror and start practicing for 15 minutes. You’ll start noticing a difference, for sure!

* Bartira Bravo is a Natural Beauty Consultant and Personal Facial Trainer with many years of experience in her field. She lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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