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Photo: Embratur

Iguazu Falls / Photo: EMBRATUR.

Brazil’s 11,000 km of coastline with its array of dazzling beaches, year-round sunshine, excellent options for the ecotourism and radical sports, impressive cultural diversity, contagious music, and first level tourist infrastructure, attract over 5 million tourists to this blessed country every year.

Brazil is among the top generators of electric energy in the world, and has enormous hydroelectric potential thanks to the huge river basins covering vast swathes of the territory in major regions. The country is the only major industrial nation to possess an energy supply that about 87% is renewable. It may become a model if it can chart a map for the transition to hydrogen on the lines of what is being developed in Europe. It may well be the first major economy to make this transition.

Computer technology is increasingly an integral part of Brazilian’s daily lives. The country ranks 7th among those with the largest number of internet users in the world, just behind USA, Japan, Germany, UK, China, Canada and South Korea. The 25 million internet users respond with 40% of all internet users in Latino America.


Brazil is first as producer of coffee

Brazil has the world’s tenth largest industrial park and over the past 25 years it has diversified and expanded output of manufacturers and consumes durables. It has attracted leadingedge technology companies, particularly in sectors like telecommunications, electronics, biotechnology, space and data processing among others.

Brazil’s mobile phone market ranks 2nd braziliin the world with over 700,000 new phones coming into operation every month. The country is 1st as producer of coffee, orange and sugar-cane. It is 2nd in market for executive jets and helicopter as well as producer of cassava, soy beans and soybeans. It is 3rd in market for franchising, soft drinks and motorcycles. And it is 4th for grain, cocoa, television networking and beer maker.

Brazil is among the top 30 traders in the world, selling a wide range of products to a variety of markets across the globe. Actually, the country is one of the most dynamic emerging markets in the world and the most important in Latin America.

Photo/Painter: Joe Perez

Singer/Composer Katia Moraes. Photo/Painter: Joe Perez

Brazil is a cheerful, dynamic and creative country, resulting from the blend of several peoples and cultures. This kaleidoscope of influences gave rise to a genuine cultural identity, which has turned into a reference in several fields, particularly the fashion industry. This industry has found solutions to ensure that local creativity matches international quality standards. The sector is the 2nd biggest employer in the Brazilian labor market and have generated over US$300 millions in earnings.

No other art form, perhaps, is so deeply rooted at the core of Brazil’s national identity as music. Brazilian music is a fusion of Iberian, African and Amerindian influences endowed with a “facial Fatality”, in the informed opinion of writer and musicologist Mario de Andrade.

Despite regional imbalances and the great concentration of wealth still visible in Brazil, the country has built up a sizeable consumer market. Macroeconomic stability, low inflation and the contribution of the substantial informal sector of the economy have ensured fair levels of sustainability in the economy.

Yes, Pride for Being Brazilian!

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