By Aldo Mencatto

rk5161-1636868_960_720From the glamour girl to the free-spirit bohemian the favorite 1970’s style stereotypes are back for a new day. Fringing, floral and shine beats, larger shoulders and volume. It’s came around about every five years bringing along a distant sense of freedom, luxurious renderings of the unmistakable bohemian. Silhouettes and modern takes or the best of the pre-disco era: subdued prints, glorious earth tones, billowing skirts.

What did the ’70s look like? Stylistically, it was a free-for-all of the tangy stew defining the era, with a flooring volume skirts, belled sleeves, flared pants, belted suede and wildly patterned caftans. Fashion in that showily dissolute decade was silky and caressing, silhouettes fluid and bras a relic of a straitjacketed past.

Very shine the sequins also began to be called spangle, won the socialites and also went on the serve as a garnish for dance and theater costume. From the 70’s the small bright disk entered the fashion fact. By pop music became a symbol of the decade.

“It was like you were walking around naked, but you had clothes on,” said Phyllis Magidson, the curator of costumes and textiles at the Museum of the City of New York, this past February to the New York Times.

The 70’s fashion continues to inspire. Ever-evolving its philosophy is now focused on timeless. Sophistication luxury being the word fit to best describe the 70’s revival, bring luxury sparkly cocktail dress, a fitting and large shoulder, fitting jacket with a flooring volume skirts, all this is a new makeover from this great era.

In the late eighties and early nineties the sequins shone in the new collections of designers. In the 70’s bright dresses created was more than a reflection on the festive atmosphere of the time bringing up a sexy and confident woman. For several brands turn their eyes to the excess, the high brightness and the spirit of party twenty four hours per day.

lanidor-looks-outono-inverno-2014-2015-12-872x468Certain elements of the period, the garish prints and weird color combinations, as example, keep repeating. Exaggeration back focus through the trend of appliqués, called embellishments, rhinestones, sequins stones and other materials that shone, seems like the most exciting period of decadence ever. Who doesn’t want that flower-emblazoned little dress that makes you feel young again?

*Aldo Mencatto is a Brazilian Fashion Designer from Rio living in Las Vegas. A true role model of the selfless persona, Aldo’s vision in 2015 was the creation of a clothing line for children (5 to 10) that he could help child cancer foundations. Follow him on Twitter @info123mencatto.

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