983638 530152790355900 541926436 nAna always liked martial arts since she was a little kid. “It gives me a lot of self-confidence and teaches me discipline. Ana also practices Jiu-Jitsu at least twice a week and boxing every other day. She said that both are excellent cardio routines. And yes, she loves to surf!.

She was born in Crato, a small town in the state of Ceará, Brazil, grew up in another small town called Guarapari in the state of Espírito Santo then moved to Rio de Janeiro at 14. She moved to California at the age of 17. She won the first Miss Brazil-USA beauty pageant in 1992. She moved to Las Vegas in 2014.

“By practicing sports I don’t feel like I am exercising. I have fun and I always feel great afterward. I believe that when your mind feels good, the body becomes fit as a complete unit and that keeps you coming back for more” added Ana Ligia. She is definitely a “healthy mind, body, soul woman”.

Being active is at the top of the list for her. “When you have a strong healthy body, the stress that we have in our lives becomes easier to deal with. Also, you generate more energy by exercising and you are not as aggressive when you respond to your daily challenges” she says. Ana Ligia set her mind to be always happy and go with the flow.

For Ana, happiness is to be in balance, where the outside world cannot influence the peacefulness that is within her. “My life philosophy does unto others as you would like do unto you.” She also said that the first and most important love that you can have in your life is to love yourself.

Finally, she added “you cannot give to others what you don’t have within you. So, taking care of yourself would greatly benefit all around you. When you are happy, you want others to be happy as well. And we all know there’s no such a thing as too many happy people”.

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