Featuring Camila Vianna

camila 01Camila is a native from Salvador in Northeast Brazil and a good example of a consciously living person. She lives in Maui, Hawaii and works as an architecture designer for a “green” company that builds bamboo houses around the world. She works from 9 to 5, and after work, almost every day, Camila exercising with biking, capoeira, hiking and surfing. She has a special love for Capoeira Angola as it brings back to her origins in Bahia.

Also, she is passionate for the sound of berimbal, a unique Brazilian instrument used for capoeira sounds. Her love for Yoga keeps her in total balance of body, mind and spirit. Camila is a vegetarian for more than eight years already, does not consume alcoholic drinks and does not smoke. She emphasizes the importance of gratitude in all the moments, day by day in life, and reminder us an inspirational philosophy of life. “To see a bit of yourself in each bird, or tree, or rock or human being, and you will understand the word love, and in this way, you will find the freedom and the happiness”.

** Special thanks to photographer and musician Adilson Moura

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