By LaÍs Oliveira / English Edition: Gabriela Nader

Celia Almeida_Web_16The native from Fortaleza, one of the most important touristic destinations in northeast of Brazil, Celia Almeida, owns a striking and exuberant beauty that she cultivates by training hard in the gym to keep fit and have lean muscle. She trains at least five times a week for two hours. She loves going to the beach, doing some cardio, some weights and lots of work on her legs and glute, a very Brazilian form of female body definition.

Celia currently lives in Los Angeles (2015) and has lived also in Las Vegas. She confesses that she began exercising to gain confidence and believes that the best advice she can give to other women is to “love yourself and put some type of exercise into your daily routine”.

As a fitness model, she works hard to work out and keep her body in shape. She confesses: “Taking care of my body is a lifestyle and I enjoy it so why not make a living with it? I live day by day, I keep my confidence high with exercise and enjoy life the best I can. The future will take care of itself”.

Celia is single and the man that would like to conquer her heart should initially be a gentleman and respect her, enjoy the outdoors and some physical activity, be honest and confident. The Brazilian beauty Celia may only be 5’3”, weighing 128 pounds, but wherever this “baixinha”, (short girl) walks through, she gets male attention. She loves Electronic music and the Hip Hop movement, and pink is her favorite color.

Born: Fortaleza, Ceara (Brazil)
Living Now: Los Angeles, USA
Weight: 128 pounds
Height: 5′ 3″
Sign: Escorpion
Color(s): Pink
Food: I Love Sushi!
Hobby: Go to the Beach…Cine, Movies.
Sport/Fitness: Gym (Weight, Cardio…)
Music: Electronic and Hip-Hop.
Career: Fitness Modeling and Acting.
Dream: I have no particular dream…only be healthy and happy.
Motto: Imagination is more important than knowledge (Albert Einstein).

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