SB70 Digital Page 35 e1524083945729Dominique Oneil was born in San Mateo, California, but her soul belongs to Brazil and its rich culture, music, and dance. Thanks to her mom, the American blonde beauty has been surrounded by Brazilian culture her entire life. Although her mother is Greek and Italian, she has always had a special interest in Brazil. As a little girl she discovered The Girl from Ipanema and became obsessed with Brazilian music.

As a fit woman, she sculpts her body at the gym and with a lot of dance. She attempts to go to the gym 4-5 times a week, and she was also a Hip Hop instructor, but when she became fascinated with samba her life changed and she was determined to learn, train, and develop a samba step.

She confesses “Being a part of Aquarela Brazilian Dance Ensemble has been a dream of mine from the time I was a young girl. I am so grateful to my mom for introducing me to Brazilian culture, and grateful to Aquarela for teaching me true Rio style samba. As an American samba dancer, it is very important for me to show authentic samba”.

Dominique currently works in a restaurant as a bartender, which has allowed her to perform as much as she can, take long vacations every year, and really enjoy her life. She reveals that being happy means finding the perfect balance between working, dancing, exercising, and spending time her loved ones.

The blonde beauty loves traveling to Brazil and spending time with her boyfriend’s family in Goiania, state of Goiás. “My love for Brazil has grown so much over the years, with the help of my mom, boyfriend, and my boyfriend’s wonderful family. I am happy to say I have been to Brazil three times – and many more will come. During the summer of 2014 we spent a lovely two months in Goiania, relaxing and enjoying family. I truly feel my heart is in two places”, says Dominique.

She has a major in marketing and her dream is work for a large Brazilian fitness clothing brand. As a hobby, Dominique enjoys reading and shopping. The beauty blond weighs 140lbs and is 5’7” ½ tall. She is from the sign of Taurus and her favorite color is gold. Dominique loves pasta, French pastries and pão de queijo (Brazilian cheese bread)!

Born:  San Mateo, CA – USA
Living Now: South San Francisco, CA
Weight: 140 pounds
Height: 5″7 ½”
Sign: Taurus
Color(s): Gold!
Food: Pasta, Brazilian Pao de Queijo and French Pastries.
Hobby: Reading, Shopping, and Dancing.
Sport/Fitness: Weight lifting and Samba Workout!
Music:  Samba, Pagode and Brazilian Country (Sertanejo Universitário).
Career: Marketing Major. Currently in Hospitality.
Dream: Work for a large Brazilian fitness clothing brand.
Motto: Everything great is worth waiting for. No need to rush.

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