SB86 X Page 2 Egili OliveiraEgili is a dancer and choreographer from Rio de Janeiro who lives in the wonderful city, but has several friends in California. “I try to go to California every year to give dance workshops and participate in dance events as a professional”, the beautiful mulatto told us. Although dancing is her favorite physical activity, she tries to be always in shape also by running on the beach and practicing kickboxing in the gym.

Among her favorite foods is the traditional Brazilian “arroz com beijão” (rice & beans), but she mentions to like a lot: lasagna and sushi. “Beans are a super healthy, versatile and affordable food, and are high in fiber, iron, protein and minerals. I love it!” The beautiful “mulata carioca” loves to read and go to the movies, and of course, to dance – different musical rhythms. She calls herself very eclectic.

She learned to dance samba with her grandmother at the age of 5, and her greatest inspiration was the “sambista” and aunt Neia. At the age of 13, she became interested in theater, at 15 she was chosen “Rainha de Bateria” (Queen of the Drums), at 18 she had her first experience as a professional samba dancer, and at 19 she was scheduled for an overseas tour with a Rio’s Dance Company. 

After that, she was samba dancer of the traditional Samba School “Acadêmicos do Salgueiro” in Rio for 10 years. In 2008 Egili held her first samba workshop in Europe and became “Godmother of the Carnival of Finland” in 2014, and “Queen of the Samba of the Carnival of Sweden” in 2015. In Brazil, since 2013, she is sambista for the Samba School Renascer of Jacarepaguá.

“Waking up every day and thanking God for the wonderful family I have and the friends who have chosen me are part of my daily life,” says Egili. Being determined and persevering are two virtues that she embodies and tries to apply to move on in her professional career.


egili 4Born: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Living: Between Rio and L.A
Weight : 133 pounds
Height : 5’5″
Sign: Sagittarius
Colors: Yellow, White and Red.
Food : Beans & Rice, Lasagna and Sushi.
Hobby: Read Books and Go to the Movies.
Sports/Fitness: Dance, Kickboxing and Running.
Music: Samba, Hip Hop and Classic Music.
Career: Acting and Dancing.
Dream: A better world, without war, misery and racism, and that the population in this planet can be more tolerant and less selfish!
Motto: Walking up everyday and thanking God for this great universe, for the family I have and the friends who have chosen me to be a part of their lives.
Egili was featured in the Soul in Shape Issue 86 (print and digital).

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