elka 10This “Baiana” natural from the city of Salvador, Brazil, moved to San Diego, California in 1999, and for a long time was the owner of Namaste Yoga Center in Ocean Beach. She has been practicing yoga since 2001 and says: “I found and developed the awareness that mind, body and spirit are one. We can never be dishonest with ourselves about what is happening in our lives because our bodies pay the price. Now days more people are suffering from anxiety, depression, stress due to not having enough time for themselves outside work and school.

Today more people are coming to Yoga because their Doctors recommend it as part of their healing and therapy. It is amazingly beautiful to see the world changing and progressing, people are becoming more open minded to the new possibility of holistic healing which has been practicing for thousands of years”. Elka also does Pilates and surf at least three times a week. She really likes the diversity within her training. Elka complements saying “Of course, great nutrition is a big part of a healthy life style. I try to eat only organic and when it comes to eating meat, we spend the extra money to eat grass fed, free range and organic meat”.

Happiness for Elka is not only a physiological state which is temporary, but a spiritual state which lasts much longer no matter what situation you is living. She do not try too hard to make something happen… simply allow it to happen. This is living the Tao, living with the flow of life. She advice, “Letting go of what holds you back. We become slaves of our emotions and lots of time we are not even aware of it because it has become part of our life. Let it go and be present”.

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