SB76 Full Web page 022Ellen Alves carries traces of a Brazilian woman: sculptural body, captivating smile, a Latin sensuality and sympathy. She currently lives in Las Vegas and works as an event planner coordinator, but also doing professional samba performances in different venues and cities. She also works with special needs kids teaching them how to draw to help them with mental development.

The carioca Ellen loves taking care of her body with a healthy diet and exercise. To keep her good shape she loves running and dancing. Ellen eats a healthy diet with lots of nutritious food and good quality vitamins. She loves grilled wild caught salmon with vegetables and as a traditional Brazilian, loves the traditional Brazilian dish Feijoada. “Having good nutrition is the base to living a longer healthy life with more energy and happiness”, she says.

In her free time she enjoys going to Rock and Roll concerts and comedy shows. Ellen loves to visit others states in the U.S to know more about United States. She wants to get more educated and to improve her English to the maximum possible. For the future, she will get a Real Estate License so she can helps families with purchasing the American Dream. Her long-term goal is to open a non-profit organization to help people with depression and drug problems.

“To be happy is to feel secure about what I want for my life and to fight for it by respecting and loving myself first and then others. My advice is: Healthy eating and positive thinking. The exercise helps you to have positive energy and outlook on life”, she says. The beautiful blonde is 5’5” tall and weighs 105 pounds.

Name: Ellen Alves
Born:  Rio, Brazil
Living Now: Las Vegas, U.S
Weight: 105
Height: 5’5″
Sign: Capricornio
Color(s): Blue, Black and White
Food: Grilled Salmon with Vegetables, and Brazilian Feijoada.
Hobby:  Reading, cooking, and dancing.
Sport/Fitness:  Golfing, running and hiking.
Music: Bossa Nova and classic Rock and Roll.
Career: Modeling and event planning.
Dream: Become a successful event planner (and mom!).
Motto:  To be a positive and better person in every little way, taking care of my health, happiness, and soul.

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