crisos 01Flavia was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and her entire family always has been involved in sport and fitness. She started to dance ballet when still was a little girl and keep doing it for over 15 years. When she was dancer she was very slim and she needed to gain more muscle size. She was 14 when she started lifting weights. But only in the University, Flavia started to train seriously because she got to understand the training process.

It grew in her mind and she became with a very good and density body before she starts to compete. She have then competed in the Brazilian National Contest 2001 and became 3rd place and in 2002 she got the first place. In 2003 she got the Brazilian Championship again and in the same year in the Nabba World Champion she got 3rd place. In 2004 she became second in the world in her category.

A typical day in Flavia’s life start with a breakfast light like a glass of orange juice. She do some cardio workout as jogging, or go to the gym, than she has a healthy snack like a fruit and later start with some personal trainer lessons as she is a personal trainer. In the afternoon she rests and works with more two clients. In the night she traines or do cardio and later in home she has a light dinner with low calories. She has a simple life, but with a very conscious diet & nutrition system.

Back to her trainer, normally she traines with her brother, specially the legs because she needs a support to do a heavy weight squats. Usually she does Weight Training 5 and cardio 6 or 7 times. She likes the beach life and when is possible she likes to go to the beach for walking, surfing, have some tan or just get fresh air. Also she likes bicycling; it’s a great aerobic exercise. She likes to travel, always knows different places, and in special natural spot locations. She loves to dance but she just go to clubs only in the off season.

* Flavia Crisos is a 2 times Brazilian Bodybuilder Champion living in Florianopolis in the State of Santa Catarina. She travels frequently to USA and Europe to compete and take promotional issues responsibilities with her sponsors.

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