Irene At the PierThis American blonde beauty was born in La Jolla, San Diego, California. Since Irene Balnis was a little girl, she practiced healthy activities such as gymnastics, dancing, capoeira, swimming, and hiking in nature. Not only has her love of sports help her to sculpt her body, it is her secret to having the perfect balance between body and mind.

Irene tells us, “I dance Brazilian Samba, Hip Hop, Belly Dance, or Jazz Burlesque 1-2 hours per day for toning, cardio and flexibility. For cardio and endurance, I run and weightlift for strength, 4 days per week. She reveals, “Surfing and swimming keeps me in good shape because it requires a lot of cardio, back and leg strength, plus endurance and balance.”

For Irene, being happy, no matter what the circumstance or who is telling you to stop, to never give up your passion to do what makes you feel most alive and love yourself unconditionally. In order to live better, it is important to have a lot of gratitude, always look for the lessons to keep evolving oneself and master your gifts and talents.

This beauty is a certified massage therapist and has worked in many luxury spas in San Diego. She owns her own small business, Anointed Hands Massage, where she enjoys practicing structural integration, as well as aromatherapy on athletes and dancers.

Irene is single (*2015) and told us that the perfect man is “someone who is passionate about life, has a great sense of humor, is loyal, witty, kind, understanding, peaceful but has a warrior spirit with a pure heart. Her partner loves animals, world culture, art, languages, traveling and interest in holistic health.” She added, “A man that can conquer my heart needs to be confident, and spiritually and mentally healthy; and comfortable with who he is.”

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