juliana fariasBorn and raised in Fortaleza, Ceará state, which has 567km coast with beautiful white sand beaches, a greenish-blue color of the Atlantic ocean, a surface temperature 82F year-round, and an underwater visibility of 65 feet, this dentist, massage therapist and yogi has to love aquatic sports. Juliana compete the Brazilian Windsurfing tournament, the Maui-Hawaii and the Bat Galim-Israel Circuits.

She lives in Maui and currently (*2010) is learning the stand-up paddle and town-in surfing, aside from playing the flute! Juliana is also one of the “Butterfly-Effect” event founders a noncompetitive event that promotes women in water sports, including surfing, windsurfing, kite surfing and paddle surfing. She follows the advices of her personal trainer Isaak Tyrell and stretches the body every day, following a Chinese auto-massage to active the energy of the body.

She drinks a lot of water, eats bananas and dark vegetables frequently, avoids junk food, but mentions, “Sometimes, I cannot resist the hot dog at Kuau Mark…hehehehe”. Happiness for her is keeping inner peace, which for her can be conquering thought, the auto-knowledge. Moreover, she complements by saying… “Nobody changes anybody…If there is something that disturbs you, find out what it is and make a decision. Maui is a perfect holistic place for this, with many initiators for your own healer”.

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** Special thanks to photographer Adilson Moura

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