By Laís Oliveira / English edition: Ann Fain

Image Soul in Shape Luana Elliot 40The “carioca” beauty Luana loves being an entrepreneur and personal trainer in the fitness marketplace because everything involves taking care of the body and mind. She started practicing sports at an early age. She used to play volleyball, soccer, and ballet.

The activity that keeps her in shape is weight training. She does some running and sometimes also does boxing, muai thai, krav maga, and yoga. As a personal trainer she says “Weight training is the best practice to shape and tone your body, it also one of the most effective ways to keep your body strong and less prone to injuries”.

Luana believes that to be happy is to be thankful for what you have right at this moment and never be too lazy to build a better future. Her advice for those trying to be happy is first: “appreciate your family and friends, even if they aren`t perfect, nobody is, however they are your biggest asset. And second, never wait for someone else to make you happy, that`s an illusion, you build your own happiness, if you don’t achieve things in life, it is because you are not working as hard as you should, nobody has the obligation to make your dreams come true”.

She’s currently a weight loss expert and is working hard on her brand new endeavor, her athletic/active line Healthy Gal. She dreams big and confesses that she wants all the girls in California to be wearing her outfits and to be influenced by her brand in order to change their lives and become more confident and healthy. Luana is 5’5” and weighs 130 pounds. She loves to motivate people and encourage them to change their lives.

*Photos by Glory Vasquez and Adrian Sidney

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