Soul in Shape Luana Pochmann 1The youngest “Soul in Shape” of our magazine is a beautiful Brazilian, born in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, like Gisele Bundchen, and currently a resident in Mission Viejo, California. When she was a child she used to do Judo and Capoeira and she also became a competitive Judo athlete. Nowadays, she doesn’t practice martial arts because she enjoys lifting weights. She says, “I was inspired to lift weight because I want to make my body more toned, muscular and stronger”.

For Luana, to be happy is to be in good terms with herself, living her life for herself, not for others, and to refrain from judging or criticizing other people. She is only eighteen (*2016) and as most teenagers, she loves going out with her friends. She also likes dancing and wakeboarding.

She would like her professional background to be veterinary medicine because she loves caring for animals. She wants to start off in community college to then eventually transfer into a veterinarian medicine program at a competitive university. She wants to specialize in birds.

For the future she admits “I’m too young and marriage is not on my priority list. I want to invest in my career, be single, travel and have fun for a long time. As for the ideal man, hard to tell at this point. I am not willing to commit with anybody so I didn’t really think much about it”. Luana is 5’5 and weighs 104 pounds.

Born:  Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil
Living Now: Mission Viejo (CA), U.S
Weight: 104
Height: 5’5″
Sign: Leo
Color(s): Red and Gold
Food(s): All kinds of food, specially when I am hungry!
Hobby: Dancing, listening to music and wakeboarding.
Sport/Fitness: Judo (past), weight lifting (now).
Music: Tech, Pop, Samba and Salsa.
Career: Veterinarian Medicine
Dream: Becoming acclaimed veterinarian doctor!
Motto: Love, Laugh, Lift.

*Special thanks to Jenna Noelle for the English edits and Claudia Passos for some of this beautiful photos.

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