Soul in Shape Mariana AlencarMariana is a beautiful Brazilian model and actress who is currently living in Los Angeles. The blonde keeps her good shape by dancing and working out. When she was about six years old she started ballet because her dream was to be a ballerina. She says “Classic ballet built me strong legs and nice posture. Also, it created a better understanding about my body. For now, I do my cardio workout almost everyday to give me resistance and to lose some extra pounds”.

She started her artistic life very early in dancing in the main theatres of Curitiba, Brazil. After that she started singing opera and became a rock singer playing with bands. She also did drama school which led her to various plays and productions and gave her the opportunity to come to Hollywood to study acting.

She is a happy person and tries to have fun in everything she does because she says, “life is too short and we all have so many problems that we need to create something to pull us up to give us joy and never give up. To be happy is a state of mind. You can’t be happy all the time but you can have peace all the time. I would translate that into: find your own peace inside of you and you will face the challenges of your life more easily.”

Her dream is to make the world a better place to live and to stick to her motto, “Trust yourself and work hard. What’s meant to be will be there for you”. Mariana is 5’8 and weighs 130 pounds. Model and actress Mariana Alencar won the Miss Latina Global pageant and the Miss Summer Beauty International, both in 2015, and was crowed Queen of Hollywood in 2016.

*Special thanks to Jenna Noelle for the English edits and Claudia Passos for some of this beautiful photos.

Born: Curitiba (PR), Brazil
Living: Los Angeles, USA
Weight: 130
Height: 5’8″
Sign: Libra
Color(s): Blue
Food: I Love Churrasco! (Brazilian BBQ)
Hobby: Reading
Sport/Fitness: Cardio Work Out
Music:  Rock/EDM
Career: Modeling and Acting
Dream: To see this world a better place to live and with no violence.
Motto: Trust yourself and work hard. What’s meant to be will be there for you.

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