marisa 071Now with two adults in her supervision, Marisa Cortez is the perfect example for a mother in great shape.  Born in Abatia, state of Parana, Marisa grew up in a small town by the name of Aruja, in the state of Sao Paulo, and moved to the U.S years ago to live in Lomita (Los Angeles area),California. She became interested in fitness after she had her first baby. At the time, she was feeling uncomfortable with her body.

Currently, she trains four to five times a week and is an addicted to the GYM. Besides aerobic and weight training, she also practices Pilates and kick boxing. Marisa also is a lover of dance and has a special passion for Salsa. She is a professional samba dancer in a super spectacular shape. For her, the most important thing in life is her family, being healthy, keeping the fire of love alive…and seeing the world in peace! * Special thanks also to personal trainer Curtis from “End Results” gym.

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