Patricia Barretto 00

She was born in Recife, in the Northeast state of Pernambuco, Brazil, one of the most touristic cities in Brazil in consequence of its natural beauty and white sand beach’s. “I love to go the beach, to lay down and got some tanning, to walk, to have some fun with friends. I grow up with the beach culture in my mind”, says Patricia.

In 2006, this Brazilian beauty girl at 135 lbs and 5’3″ height moved to the USA to finish her studies at the University of Connecticut. Once graduated, she moved to Honolulu, Hawaii. “The environment and vibe of the capital Honolulu is pretty similar to Recife and other capitals in the Northeast of Brazil. I fell in love immediately with the warmth of the island people. My time in Hawaii was truly amazing”, Patricia emphasizes.

After her second graduation at the University of Hawaii, Patricia decided to move to San Diego, California, where she now lives. She has two Majors: International Business and Marketing. Lover of Jazz and Pop Music, she also likes travelling, a good barbecue, an Italian style dinner, and sweeties – but in a moderate way. She enjoys endurance training and triathlons to keep her body in a good shape.

According to her, self-esteem and make the right choices in life is important things that can help you to reach your happiness. Patricia works with direct sales and branding consulting for several retailers across the city, as well as experiential marketing event management. Her goals for the future are: to be a mother and a wife. For now she wants to improve her career. To finish Patricia leaves the following message: “Live by faith, not by Sight”.

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