Ra Quel_Web_10This Brazilian singer was born in São Paulo and loves traveling, hanging out with family, going to concerts, eating healthy, and being in shape. Ryaquel confesses that has enjoyed dancing and singing since she was a little girl. “I love Ricky Martin. He has inspired me and I believe many others. He is handsome and a talented singer with incredible dancing skills,” said the “paulistana.”

“I am passionate about music and dancing, and to choose a career and be successful and happy with it, passion is important!” says Ryaquel. When we asked her about physical activities and diet, she said, “Fitness to me is a lifestyle therefore I practice every day. I like weight lifting, bicycling, rollerblading, and tennis. Dancing salsa and samba makes feel good and also helps me to stay fit.”

Ryaquel also enjoys reading, meditation, and playing guitar. She says that happiness is having her body, mind, and soul in a balanced and peaceful state. To be happy is to do what she loves and be around people that bring the best out of her. “I like to use a phrase from my favorite writer, Paulo Coelho – Whenever your heart is that is where you will find your treasure,” adds Ryaquel.

She’s single (*2015) and admits “The perfect man for me must have a strong character, be honest and respectful, and provide a lot of support to help my dreams come true, including my music career.” By the time of this article, Ryaquel was releasing her new music video clip Zamba Reggae. “It’s a fun and tropical song full of good vibes. It’s in Spanish and Portuguese, a little mix of culture,” she emphasizes. The beautiful singer is 5’1” and weighs 105 pounds. She is a Gemini and white and pink are her favorite colors.

To learn more about her music visit www.SoundCloud/Ryaquel. To check her on social media check www.facebook.com/Ryaquel and @ryaquel on Instagram.

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*Photos by Jimmy/Sunny Florida Productions

**Bikini, Jewelry and Fitness Wear by Ana Bikinis


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