By Laís Oliveira

Soul in Shape Sinara Brito“Work hard and play hard”, this is Sinara’s motto. The beautiful brunettes was born in Minas Gerais, Brazil, and loves enjoying her life by being around people that she loves and have good vibes with. To keep her in good shape she does a lot of exercise, such as hiking, biking, yoga, paddle boarding, and hula hoop. She also loves take zumba classes.

Sinara loves exercising every day, especially in the open air. “I started enjoy outdoor activities when I was fifteen. I love beach so I am always with my feet on the sand”, she confesses. She currently works in the food business and in her spare time, also are open to get a gig as a fitness model. Sinara soon will be starting an Occupational Therapy course and when she gets her bachelor’s degree she plans to move full time into this industry.

In her free time she likes hosting parties at her house. Travel and to know other cultures and people is her passion. The beauty Brazilian brunette is married and lives in Orange County, California. She admits that started to work very young and because of this she is grateful for all her achievements. The petite “morena” is  5’2” high and weighs 115 pounds.

*Special thanks to Jenna Noelle for the English edits and Claudia Passos for some of this beautiful photos.

Born:  Teófilo Otoni (MG), Brazil
Living: Dana Point, Orange County (CA), USA
Weight: 115
Height: 5’2″
Sign: Libra
Color(s): I Really Love Red!
Food:  Moqueca Capixaba
Hobby: Paddle boarding, hiking, biking and cooking.
Sport/Fitness: Cycle, bodypump, zumba and yoga.
Music: I am very eclectic! I like almost all kind of music and sounds.
Career: I am in the food business and doing part-time fitness modeling.
Dream: See the aurora borealis
Motto:  Work hard and play hard.

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