SB76 Full Web page 010 1This beautiful mother of three is a model, professional dancer and also an accounting manager. She was born in Porto Seguro, Bahia, Brazil, but is currently living in Northridge, California. She loves keeping her good shape by dancing, swimming, and eating healthy. Sonaria loves enjoying her life with simple things.

She practices dance every day from Monday to Friday and loves learning new choreography. She also does samba performances on the weekends. She works in the International Shipping Industry since she has come to the United States. Fortunately for Sonaria, her husband owns the company.

In her free time Sonaria loves to go to the movies and go to parties where she can dance and interact with friends and new people. As a good “baiana”, she loves the food from her state Bahia, like the “bobo de camarão” (shrimp bobo), but the fit brunette also likes Italian food. “I really love pastas and pizzas, but with control” she says with a smile.

For the future she says, “as a short term goal, I seek to improve myself daily, and in the long run; I would like to see my three children well educated, confident and happy”. The typical “morena brasileira” lives day by day enjoying every single moment and the little things. Sonaria Curtis is 5’6” tall and weighs 116 pounds.

*Special thanks to Jenna Noelle for the English edits and Claudia Passos for some of this beautiful photos.

Born: Porto Seguro, Brazil
Living: Los Angeles, U.S.
Weight: 116
Height: 5’6″
Sign: Gemini
Color(s): White, black and red.
Food:  Bobo de Camarao (Brazilian Food), Almost all Italian Food, and Crabs!
Hobby: Love to go to the movies!
Sport/Fitness: Swimming and Dancing.
Music: International Pop, Samba and Bossa Nova.
Career:   Account Manager (and as part time, Modeling and Acting).
Dream: See all my children graduate from college and be professionally successful as well as grow in person.
Motto: I live to be happy, I enjoy it day by day!

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