SB86 X Page 35 Uliana Sheremby
Uliana is a Russian who loves Brazilian Culture. She came to United States in 2015 where met so many people from different countries included her classmate that time, Sabrina, a Brazilian professional Samba Dancer who was part of the group L.A. Samba Dancers that time. She introduced Uliana to Samaba and After she become a part of this group she fell in love with the music and brazilian culture.

To keep in her good shape, she likes to go to the beach, play volleyball, swim in the ocean and loves to dance. “Dance is my passion! I have been dancing since 5 years old. I always felt excited about my dance classes. I believe I have an innate ability from my family. Because most members of my family are dancers. They inspired me and played a huge role in my career as a dancer”, she says.

Uliana has economics degree from Russia and in United States she is a student  of MBA program in Business. “I think it is good field to be in right now and also it will help to reach my goal, to open my dance school in a future”. She is single and says a great man is one who cares about her, her feelings and thoughts, is ready to share everything with her, support her in different ways. She doesn`t think that the appearance is very important for men. He should be her friend, lover and her inspiration.

Born: Khabarovsk, Russia
Weight: 132 lb
Height: 5.6
Sign: Taurus
Color(s): Blue, Red
Food: l love Brazilian, Russian and Italian!
Hobby: Hiking and Cross-Stitching
Sport/Fitness: Dance, Volleyball and Skiing
Music: Pop Music and Hip Hop
Career: I am a dancer for  “L.A. Samba Dancers” and a Business MBA student
Dream: Participate in carnival in Rio at the Sambódromo and open my own dance school in L.A!
Motto: Never give up, stay positive, never stop believing!
Uliana Sherembei: was featured in the Soul in Shape (page 2) section of issue 86 (print and digital).

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