By Laís Oliveira | English Edition: Ann Fain

SB74 X eBook Esse page 035The “Mineirinha” Vanessa Cortês is a beautiful nurse who loves dancing and doing weight training. As a child, Vanessa enjoyed dancing and always admired the Samba schools in the Sapucaí “Sambodromo” during the Brazilian Carnival in Rio. She grew up dreaming about participating in a Samba School as a “passista” – the woman who dresses up as the parade theme and represents the School by dancing in the middle of the parade.

At the beginning of her nursing career she worked in an operating room and post-anesthesia care unit. Nowadays she works as a recovery nurse for cosmetic surgery. Her career goal is to learn more about the growing cosmetic industry, and in particular, injectables (like botox) and plastic surgery. But she also wants to improve her dancing skills and to become a better dancer each day. She works as a professional samba dancer on weekends in Southern California.

The activity that keeps her in shape is weight training and weight lifting. Vanessa admits, “I love going to the gym and learning new training techniques. Working out has become a lifestyle to me. I don’t follow any strict diet, but enjoy making simple fit recipes of conventional foods, like tuna burger with oatmeal”. This beautiful Gemini lives in Los Angeles and is 5’6” and weighs 130 pounds.

After a couple long relationships, and one daughter, Vanessa is single (2015) for now. She wants take her time and make more intelligent choices instead of jumping from one relationship to the next. She says, “Girls sometime need to have their time, have fun and enjoy life and not necessarily have a man by their side.”

For her next relationship she wants a man with confidence and a positive attitude. She’s looking for a gentleman who can motivate her and be supportive as they grow together without holding her back. “Don’t waste time. Do what you love and live life your way,” is Vanessa’s motto.

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