woman 2593366 960 720Hair has always been and will always be an important visual aspect of men and women.  Beautiful, shiny and health hair “enhance” the image of anyone regardless of age, so learn to care for it beginning with knowing what to eat to keep each strand of hair beautiful.

The most effective home treatment for hair care is a healthy diet. You are what you eat, and what you put into your body will be reflected on the outside.

Below you will find an “arsenal” of food products that will improve the beauty of any hair. Check out these options and celebrate the results!

Brown Rice: Has biotin – a vitamin that helps regulate the life cycle phases of the hair cord. The absence of this vitamin is related to hair loss.

Oats: Have silicon – a mineral that helps in the production of collagen, important for shiny hair.

Olive Oil: Fatty acids are essential during the keratinization process of the cells that form the hair shaft. Without them, the cord becomes thinner and more fragile.

Potato: Thanks to its presence, potassium controls the water balance in the hair shaft, thus improving hydration and flexibility, facilitating easy hairstyles.

Red Meat: Provides zinc useful in the synthesis of proteins, the main component of hair strands.

Kale: It contains vitamin E which protects the natural oiliness of the scalp, improving circulation.

Egg Yolk: Has pro-vitamin B5, which reduces hair fall-out and accelerates growth.

Chickp eas: A good source of the mineral magnesium that renews cells, so it is particularly important in help hair growth.

Skin Milk or Yogurt: Calcium stimulates the absorption of iron and vitamins, without it the hair becomes brittle.

Mango: Rich in vitamin A which protects the hair cells. It helps regulate the sebum on the scalp and also increases the elasticity of the hair strands.

Cabb age: With the presence of sulfur, it is important in the formation of keratin, the protein structure of hair.

Salmon: Rich in Omega 3 which acts as a powerful antioxidant, strengthening the hair cuticles.

Tip: A fair percentage of Brazilians give credit to daily cold water washing for healthier head of hair. Try to avoid washing your hair in hot water! This simple tip prevents the damage of your hair such as a dry hair and a break hair with double pontoons.

* Special thanks to hairdresser Gracy, owner of Gracy International Hair Design in San Diego for the professional consultation. To know more about them and what they offer, inclusive the Brazilian straighter method, visit www.gracyhair.com

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