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noronha 1There are beaches, bays, canyons, forest, caverns, and lush greenery throughout. Every single one, a small ecological sactuaries where living hundreds of animal and botanical species, with zero mark” of environmental pollution. The climate is tropical, with two clearly defined seasons: the rainy season from January to August, and the dry season from September to December.

The average temperature is 25 degrees Celsius, however the first three months oh the year are thr hottest. An example of what occurs in other oceanic systems, the archipelago shows exuberant birds fauna, sheltering the largest reproductive colonies among the oceanic islands of the southern tropical atlantic. In this ecological system is breeding zone for reptiles, doves, turtles and lizards.

Throughout the years, researchers have discovered 168 mollusks family and 72 species of crustaceans and a huge quantity of ornamental fish and migratory shoal. Since 1988, the Marine National Park, has been administrated by the IBAMA (government organization created for the preservation of terrestial and marinal life), which has developed several research project such as the study of sea turtles and Dolphin Rotator which serves to a means to study their behavior and reproduction (projeto TAMAR). Noronha, rich eco system and natural beauty, always gets the of those seeking a true tropical paradise.

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Fernando de Noronha is an archipelagic volcano isolated in the atlantic southern equatorial of northeastern Brazil, formed by 21 islands and cliffs of volcanic nature. Possessing an area of 26 square kilometers, of which 17 are occupied by the main island, the only habitable area and where the main attractions are found, Noronha is a visual part of the submerged mountain. The prettiest island of Brazil is also the most famous ecological paradise of the country where a vigorous attempt is made to preserve it.

Considered by the magazine Scuba Dive “the best diving spot on the planet,” the archipelago cannot be just be seen on land, but also below the water.The 50 meters of visibility allow you to see dolphins and super colored fish. Head out for a trekk for those who likes adventure, it can’t be missed! all the trails end at the beach. Even though the trails are short and the sun is harsh, it’s a good idea to be physically prepared. In this paradise nothing compares to the pleasure of discovering a place where nature has remained virtually untouched for centuries. One of the best ways to get to see the island is by horseback.

Noronha’s Sunset: is a real gift for inner and outer being!

In the beginning of the year when the rains falls creating perfect waves beaches like “Cacimba do Padre”, “Conceição” and “Biboca” become places most lusted after by surfers let loose emotions and take advantage of the incomparable natural beauty.

For the tourist that would like to visit Noronha, there is no imposed limit on how long you can stay; but there is an environmental preservation tax paid upon leaving, that depends on the length of stay. For the visitor, there are various options in choosing housing, all have the main theme of simplicity. There are roughly about 70 places like B & B, and at most of the accommodations include Brazilian breakfast, lunch and dinner. All the accommodations are residencies of local natives so one more or less adapts to that type of service. Mainly the families gets together to make the guest feels like their own beach house!

 Optional Fernando de Noronha  / Land Package / 04 days – 03 Nights 

  • Hotel accommodations
  • Transfers from airport to “Pousada” (Hotel) roundtrip.
  • Daily Brazilian Breakfast Buffet
  • Introduction to the Island Historical/ Walk.

Recommended Posadas/Hotels:

– This is a mandatory tax imposed by the Pernambuco State Government.  All passengers arriving in Fernando de Noronha Island must pay the tax upon arrival.  Tax fee may vary, at present (2015) the tax fee is R$45,60 (Brazilian Reais) per person per day.  Fee can be paid in cash or credit card at the airport upon arrival or it can also be paid in advance via  Children under 5 years of age are exempt.


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