636003103473754720110023Foreign investors are protected by law as well as specific bodies dedicated to their support if they would like to invest in Brazil. These institutions can help foreign investors in getting information on business, the capital market, market intelligence or how to contact the important members of the Brazilian economic scenario. The support to investors also occurs through chambers of trade as in many other countries around the world, and the consulates and embassies of their respective countries – here in U.S for example, we have ten consulates including two in California (Los Angeles and San Francisco). To have a list of this consulates in the U.S click here.

The major bodies are:


The Brazilian Export and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex) is an independent agency linked to the Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade. Its purpose is to promote the export of Brazilian products and attract more foreign investors to Brazil. The agency has a competent department of services and support to the foreign corporate sector interested in establishing or developing their operations in Brazil.

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The National Financial and Capital Markets Association (Anbima) is the body that assists in the regulation of the variable income market. Its attributions include the disclosure of information on investment products available in the capital market and on the behavior of the financial industry.


Cetip is one of the major fiduciary and financial liquidation in Latin America. It is a non-profit-seeking organization that was created in March 1986 with the purpose of ensuring more security and speed in the transactions of the Brazilian financial market. Cetip provide the fiduciary services, electronic trading, booking of securities deals and financial liquidation.


The purpose of the Market Information Organizations Board (Codim) is to improve and standardize the relations of open companies with the major participants of the capital market. It therefore discusses important subjects and offers guidance and suggestions in order to have the best market practices voluntarily followed by open companies and all of its associates.


The purpose of the Brazilian Institute for Investor Relations (IBRI) is to simulate and promote Investor Relation activities with the companies and professionals linked to the capital market in Brazil and abroad.

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