reading 925589 1280How often have you considered doing something you’d like to do but realized you don’t have time for it? How often does a week pass by and you did not have few minutes or a hour to yourself? It’s a typical scenario these days. While you may be busy, and your to-do lists are probably overwhelming, you must make yourself a priority.

Kids, job, chores, stress, bills to pay, cooking, cleaning, etc…yes, but, without self-care, we will burnout quickly and then what happens to all those responsibilities? When you neglect your own needs and mental health, everything in your life suffers.

Meetings, deadlines, chores and appointments are all crammed onto your calendar, but, more likely than not, there isn’t a single mention about time for yourself in there. Everyone needs personal time. Time to unwind. Time to breathe. Time to have fun and experience joy. Time to explore hobbies and interests.

Here Are 5 Ways To Get Some Time for Yourself:

1) Prioritize

Yes, first and foremost. A well-organized plan will put your mind at ease and lead to a more productive week. Scheduling time ahead may be an excellent method to guarantee you don’t scrimp on that all-important self-care time. You can also see where you can squeeze it in (which can help ensure you take it). In any case, prioritize what’s vital and learn to say no or delegate, as discussed further below.

2) Say No

It is quite acceptable to say no. Your time is very valuable, and it should be spent on activities that provide meaning to your life. It’s okay if you don’t want to go to that lunch with a friend for example. The most important thing is to be aware that you need this time for you to be alone.

3) Switch It Off

Take a break from your phone and computer. How many times do you get an afternoon to yourself, only to waste it replying to emails or reading Instagram or Facebook? Social media has its advantages, but it can also entice us to spend an hour looking at useless memes, etc.

4) Timely Departure From Workadult person working home computer night

When you need some alone time, this is one of the easiest things you can do. Many of us remain late at work. If this is the case for you, make it a point to leave work on time or if at all possible, a little early at least once a week, if not more often. Then take advantage of that time by engaging in your favorite pastime, getting a massage, meditating, spending time with a friend you don’t see very often or doing anything that helps you relax.

5) Learn to Delegate

Are there responsibilities that you have at home or at work that could be delegated to family members, assistants or even professionals that you can be paid for? Yes, think about that. You can have benefits even if you pay: besides you get some extra time for you it can be rewarded as some professionals can take over a task and bring added benefits – better results as example.

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