By Simone Arrojo

person 801823 1280You can have the greatest mastermind group ever devised but if you don’t take massive consistent action your dreams become futile. Focus is one of the most powerful yet overlooked wealth creation tips and to succeed in this competitive world you need massive constant action.

Think of any area of your life and ask where could you be today if you just stayed focused. Where could you be today if you set aside just 200 dollars per month in a mutual fund since you were 19? Where could you be today if instead of just trying to maintain your business you grew at just 10% per year.

Humans are beings that generate reality, and for this reason, we need to pay attention to where we focus our objectives, dreams, etc. Since childhood, we focus less on our own truths and more on others people’s frames of reality and opinions. This process steals our motivation and generates routines without meaning and pleasure. We end up doing certain things and don’t even known why.

When you look at the success of the Olympic athletes do you think they got to where they are by just focusing once in a while? No, day in and day out they made huge sacrifices – willing to do what most people aren’t willing to do.

They apply what Tony Robbins calls caniconstant and never ending improvement. We can’t change the past but we have the power “right now” or “today” to regain our focus or if you were already focused take your focus to new heights.

It’s always easy to look at someone that is really successful in life in what ever they do and think “well they were luckier than me or had more resources than me or knew the right people”, when luck actually had very little to do with it. Luck is preparation meeting opportunity. Don’t wait for life to dictate the way, the paddles are in your hands. Learn how keep things in balance to make your life worth living. <

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