resumeWant help writing your résumé, finding job openings and practicing your interview? You can have it all – free! Here are the no-cost tools that can help you nab your dream job!

1 – Snag free résumé help!

Been putting off writing your résumé because you don’t know where to start? If you have Microsoft Word 365 or your library has it on their computers, you can get free step-by-step assistance with the new program Résumé Assistant, which gives you templates to follow and shows you real job descriptions from users to inspire you! To launch it, open Word click “Review” in the top menu, then “Résumé Assistant”. Other options: Get free résumé templates in any version of Microsoft Word – or Google Docs –

2 – Get free résumé feedback!

Want to get a professional opinion of your résumé? You can get it at no cost! Simply register for a free account at the job search website, then upload your résumé at and select “yes” to receive a free evaluation. Within a few days, you’ll get feedback on the content, style and keywords!

3 – Sign up for free job alerts!

If you tired of continually visiting job websites and scrolling through postings to find openings that suit you, there’s an easier way: Sign up for free e-mail alerts – and new job postings that fit your criteria will be sent straight to your inbox! You can start getting e-mail alerts today from Indeed –, and (do a search for a position, then click the “Create search alert” button located at the top of the results).

4 – Get free interview practice!

Making the best first impression at a job interview takes practice – and you can get as much practice as you want with free mock interviews at! The site asks more than 100 common interview questions and explains what recruiters like to hear. Also smart: Visit, type in a job position or company name and you’ll get a list of questions asked in actual interviews!

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