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This fitness muse was born in Brazil, in the state of Parana, and currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. In 2022, Gabriela was crowned Mrs. Brazil World and represented the country of samba at Miss World.

With 158 pounds and 5’8 in height, this Brazilian from the sign of Virgo clarifies that she maintains her fitness and quality of life by going to the gym five times a week and eating a balanced diet. “Unfortunately, many people consider a healthy life with a diet, but I consider healthy living a lifestyle,” she says.

Besides having an exuberant beauty, Gabriela also presents an adventurous spirit, no wonder she was a helicopter pilot in her native Brazil. She intends to finish her studies here in the United States and become a helicopter pilot for the police in the US. “I love adrenaline, riding motorcycles and skydiving as examples, but to relax, I love to play golf,” says the model and entrepreneur.

Gabriela explains that after many years as a single she found a person who finally made her believe in love. Currently, Gabriela is married and explains that her husband takes care of her like a queen and does unbelievable things to see her happy.

The lovely brunette loves being with her true friends, traveling, getting to know different cultures, and having wonderful culinary/food experiences. “Many know me, but few know my story,” says Gabriela. When we asked about the future, she told us that she plans to continues fighting against three evils: racism, hunger, and human trafficking. And here are some of her preferences:

Color(s): Blue, Black and Red.
Food: Spain Tapas, Chinese and Peruvian.
Sport/Fitness: Running, Golf and Hiking.
Music: Bossa Nova, Funk, Sertanejo and Blues

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