The average family living in US has $1000-$2000 worth of un-used, yet sellable items in their homes. Our closets, drawers (and our basement) are full of things we do not use for years! And many of us looking for innovative and easy ways to generate some extra cash for fun or to buy something that our budget sometimes not allow us to do, even if is a few dollars.

Here we get a tip for you sell your music, videos and games. The payment is not much, and range from $.50 to $4.50, but if you have a bunch of staff that you are not using, you are a winner!

You get room and some cash, and it is convenient as they pay for the shipment. DeCluttr App or former Music Magpie gives users a prepaid shipping label to be used at your nearest UPS Store is USPS office. The cons are that it take an average of three to four weeks for you get this cash. More info:

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