By Sandra domingos

pair 3798371 1280 e1713827736882Chemistry doesn’t really all happen by chance. There’s a lot going on in your body when you feel that sparkle for another person. Here’s some tips to help you juice up the chemistry in your relationship. When it comes to relationships, the feeling of having a close bond with another person is hard to grasp. It may be that you both are comfortable and at ease when together.

You also are physically attractive to each other. That chemistry may kick in when your lover is wearing a certain pair of jeans or how he or she smells after being outside. It really is hard to get a handle on it all because there is a lot to human nature. There’s no argument that a lot of your chemistry together has to do with the shape of her face, the cut of his waste and the pheromones you both charge up.

However, a lot of it has to do with your experiences. It’s no secret that a lot of relationships starts off in the office or work environment. You spend 8 hours with another person, learning to trust them and building rapport. You have to work together and learn from each other. This is when you first learn that you can trust each other.

Soon you are taking a walk at lunch or sharing a conversation that bonds you closer together. Try to stay away for stressful work topics. Those discussions usually end up putting a burden on your friend to help you out of a situation. Talk about a series on Showtime or HBO that you both enjoy. Find out what book your friend is reading and what they like about it.relationship

One more thing, don’t be afraid to have a sense of humor. Have you ever cracked up watching a comedian and said, “I just love that guy!” Laughter brings joy to your heart so what better way to endear yourself than to make your friend laugh. Do something a little unexpected to give your friend a smile. Avoid off color jokes as that may end up offending your friend.

Plan a date to get your adrenaline fired up. It’s proven that couples who engage in a thrilling situation are attracted to each other. You see, your mind connects the rush of adrenaline to the person you’re with during the period of excitement. It’s kind of messes with your mind by making a relationship between adrenaline and physical attraction. So go skydiving (well, that may be too much), skiing or rock climbing.

*Sandra Domingos is a certified yoga teacher and life coach. She lives between Itararé, Bahia (Brazil) and Los Angeles, California, and when she is not in one of these two cities is because she is traveling around the world. Sandra has been to 4 continents and visited more than 50 countries.

Chemistry is a powerful ally in human relationships! Have fun developing a good trust and rapport with your friend. Plan on some exciting dates to fire up the chemistry in your relationship and don’t forget to share a laugh or two together.

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