1098271 10152571823588475 1250274254 nGina is an attorney working for a non-profit organization in Los Angeles and specializing in immigration rights. She loves to dance and have always been an active person, also practicing yoga, running on the beach, and lifting weights at the gym. “I trained in various forms of classical and ethnic dance including Ballet, Hip-Hop, West African, Afro-Haitian, Afro-Cuban and Brazilian. I have focused on samba for the past eight years, and currently hold the position of “Primeira Princesa” of Sambala Samba School in Long Beach, CA (2008)”.

She began dancing samba in 2000, when she heard the Brazilian drums for the first time. “They captivated my spirit and never let go” said Gina. Currently, she dance samba twice a week, work out at the gym two to three times a week, run on the beach once a week, and do yoga once a week. Wow, full schedule for Gina! All of the activities that she engage in help her to stay fit both physically and mentally as the combination works her body, shape her muscles, keep her energized, and reduce her stress.

“When I do not dance or workout, I just simply do not feel like myself”, add Gina. When we asked her about happiness, she said that is happy accepting the world in which she lives, fostering strong relationships with her friends and family, and serving others in need. “I feel most happy when I am expressing gratitude for the life that I have been blessed with, using my creative energy, and working to improve the lives of others”.

Among Gina’s many plans for the future is marry the man of her dreams and have children as well reach the progress in her career as an immigrants’ rights attorney and keep to express herself through the arts. “My philosophy in life is that you shape your life with your mind. In order to be happy, fit, successful, or anything else, you must decide that you want it for yourself and that you deserve it. Once you have decided that the rest will follow”, concludes Gina.

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