By Conceicao Trucom | Translation: Angela Hasan

adult 2449725 960 720The brains’ gymnastics is able to use the stimulus of the five senses and physical movement to amplify and improve intelligence. Science  affirms that more intelligent brains grow larger nets of neurons and integration bridges between the left; or rational, hemisphere and the right side, which is run on emotions.

This complex communication system among the several regions of the brain, give the necessary flexibility, versatility and adaption for intelligence and emotions. It is fundamental that a person has a positive attitude for this physical reaction to happen In the brain. The brain only registers, learns and branches when we are opened to, guess what? Good humor and a wise and spiritual attitude.

Have you ever noticed that a child who is greedy to learn and grow is always smiling and in good humor?

An ordinary child smiles 250 times a day. She forgives, is well adjusted and has answers for everything. Kids are true coaches for us adults as they are always open minded. What is the one thing that children hate? Routine for sure, ang for good reason. If we do the same thing daily an important aspect of our mental ability is not nurtured and dies. The adult grows and thinks he must be serious and structured. This model os the world is a misconception. For us to grow, we must be in a good humor and flexible.actress 2868705 960 720

When you face a difficult task, talk to a child and notice how she gives simple and pure opinions. Learn from her. In other words, learn with you own inner child. What can we do to reclaim this inner child? Human life becomes very complex when we do not notice very simple principles such as “Less is more” It is ironic, but the more rigid we are in life, the more “upset” we become. If we are flexible and open to new things, the more intelligent we can become.

The challenge is not to know where the destructive cycle begins, but how to get into the right cycle. The cycle of being negative without a want to change should be replaced by one that says: I grow because I am positive and desire to grow. The secret t changing ones life in such a significant way lies in two little words: good humor that lets the toxins out of your body and soul.

  • Situation 1 – “Mad” person is easily angered. Good humor comes and you’ll feel more relieved after letting it go.
  • Situation 2 – Angry person. She started laughing  without stopping. She says: I laugh so much that I had a physical catharsis!

Do these stress relieving exercises at the same time? It is not necessary to wait for a special opportunity to do so, just start it. Does it require any effort? Surely. Escaping a bad attitude requires a 360 degrees turn. We must stop destructive attitudes and start acting with wisdom. Remember that good humor is “nutrition of spirit”.

Buddha affirmed: The smile starts in the soul and shows in the physique through the eyes. On the other hand, wisdom can only happen in a clean and lucid body and mind.

It is all about good humor… stay on!

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