Image_Web_Sept 11_Google_San DiegoIn a news conference press in San Diego, Google officials announced Thursday, Sept 10, 2015, that they will explore bringing Google Fiber, an ultra high-speed broadband network, to San Diego. San Diego Mayor, Kevin Faulconer, discussed the possibility of bringing Google Fiber to San Diego at a news conference and said “Information is power, and the more we connect San Diego to super-fast Internet, the stronger our neighborhoods and economy will be”.

Google has preliminary plans to roll out their internet service, already provided or scheduled to be provided in 24 other U.S. cities, to southern California and Kentucky for the first time. Google still must work out the logistics with government leaders before reaching a final decision on whether or not the service will be available to San Diego residents.

“We don’t just want modern infrastructure, we also want it smarter, faster and more accessible to San Diego families and businesses. This is part of an ongoing effort to lay the foundation for our local economy and community to compete and thrive in the 21st century”, added the mayor of San Diego.

The Director of expansion for Google Fiber Jill Szuchmacher, also said that “abundant high-speed Internet can help communities grow stronger, establishing a groundwork for innovation and economic growth”. The tech company will also be conducting a study of factors that affect the construction of its Google Fiber networks, such as local topography, housing density and the condition of existing infrastructure. If implemented, the area could have internet up to 100 times faster than existing services

Google Fiber networks already operate in in Austin, Kansas City and Provo, Utah, and will be rolled out soon in Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville, Raleigh-Durham, Salt Lake City and San Antonio. In addition to San Diego, Google is studying Irvine, Louisville, Phoenix, Portland and San Jose for possible fiber networks.

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