By Tom T Moore

pexels pixabay 161199Many years ago I discovered that I could converse with “spirit” as it’s called. This is something you can do too if you don’t mind putting in the time and effort, which I’ll explain below. The first person I communicated with was an American Indian Shaman living in the western United States in the 1600’s. He explained that I was a Shaman also living at that time and that I was to reintroduce people to “The Gentle Way.”

This became the title of my first book on teaching people a simple, yet very powerful spiritual tool to use – requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes (MBO’s). I had been requesting MBO’s for several years, but I did not understand how powerful they are. I only cared that they worked perfectly, and I had never been able to say that about any of the other modalities I had tried – law of attraction, power of positive thinking, etc.

Eventually I began communicating each time with my own Guardian Angel. Naturally I asked what name to call him. He explained that our vocal chords are not made to pronounce angelic names, and we would simply be frustrated if we tried. He said, “Tom, we’re not too big on names here, so you can call me Tom, Dick, or Harry, but Tom might be a little confusing in your meditations.” So in my case I thought about it for a few days and was “inspired” one day to begin calling him Theo.

So here’s your first suggestion. Say out loud, “Guardian Angel, what name should I call you?” You may immediately receive a name in your mind, or it may take a few days, as it did me. The second suggestion is to start requesting MBO’s. Remember what I said about how powerful this is? Theo told me that this is the FIRST big step in learning to co-create with spirit! Our goal is to become “Junior Creators in Training.” So just start with the mundane requests such as, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for a parking place in front of ________, thank you!” You’ll start receiving immediate feedback that these requests work, before you start requesting MBO’s for ones that can take months or even a year to manifest, such as requests for the perfect job, home, or mate. Theo says humans are impatient (he says that with humor).

Theo tells me that there are a little over one million Guardian Angels (GA’s) handling all the souls having earth lives, and all of our lives on earth are happening at the same time, as time is an illusion for us. That’s why I could converse with the Shaman living in the 1600’s. I have learned from him that all of these GA’s are “golden light beings,” with an enormous amount of experience and knowledge.

They do it with great love and joy, but Theo says we must request assistance, as our souls have instructed them to only assist if we ask, or if our lives are in danger and our soul contracts are to live to an older age. Sowhen you request MBO’s you become more aware, and most importantly, your vibrational level begins to increase! Theo says requesting MBO’s is the simplest way to raise your vibrational level, and with all the benefits that come with your GA assisting in manifesting your requests.

So contacting your own GA can be quite easy if you already meditate. Instead of going into a deep meditation, just stay in the higher Alpha state instead of the deeper Theta level. Then you just say, “Guardian Angel, are you there?” You’ll receive a response where it seems you are mentally answering your own question, but continue with a simple question or two. Theo says they send us “thought packet” answers that are filtered from our right brain to the left according to our knowledge, beliefs, and education. And that’s why you can communicate with any beings in the universe, as you don’t have to speak their language.

get-alongIf you don’t mediate, don’t fret. There are many meditation MP3’s, sites and podcasts out there. I do highly recommend that you say, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for receiving these messages perfectly, thank you!” That and surrounding yourself with white light will give you protection to only speak with your own GA.

Communicating with your own Guardian Angel takes some work, but the results will amaze you. You can write the answers, say them out loud and record, or as I do type the answers on your computer. Have all your questions listed on a pad and open your eyes to read each one as you go. Then, practice, practice and practice, as Theo told me over and over again. Have a most benevolent experience!


* Tom T. Moore is a speaker, frequent radio guest, and author of the series “The Gentle Way: A Self-Help Guide for Those who Believe in Angels by Light Technology  –

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