By Lindenberg Junior

smartphone 1894723 960 720If you are tired of being ripped off from mostly phone companies and internet providers in U.S that offer you “this and that”, and always linked with a catch to get you into a long term contract, you are not alone. None of them are worth after the final of your contract, believe me. Does matter, if you got a new iphone or ipad for free! In real, it is not for free at all. There is a coast, and worst, at the final of your contract, you have paid much more that you think when you decided to move for a new contract or just change from one of this tech corporation to another.

If you still love to have a land phone in your home, I suggest you try Vonage. Usually you call whatever you want in U.S territory for bellow $20 a month. If you call to Brazil or another country they have an option to call many countries abroad U.S for under $26. But if you only need a mobile phone, the better options, definitely is not with the big corporations like Sprint, Verizon and ATT and to log in a long term contract. Your best options are the small companies like Cricket and MetroPCS, or better yet, a pre-paid phone from T-Mobile – depending of the time you read this article, T-Mobile offered one of the best Pre-Paid phone service/deal in U.S, and in particular, if you need to call abroad U.S, in my case, Brazil.

If we talk about internet service, the big corporations usually offer a “catch” promotion type “$14,99 for the first 6internet service months” or “$24.99 for the first year” to make you jump in. But at the final date of the promotion and usually without previous alert or notification, they increase the rates, sometime twice or even triple the “promotional” rate. To add that, usually we spend an upfront cash buying one of their devices to connect with the internet. The good news is that with the technology running fast, we sometimes face up with some small/medium and innovative companies that can make their money, but have the ability to offer a good deal for the consumer. Continues reading for some options for low-cost or even free home Internet services in U.S.

If you need a basic internet service, for email and web browsing you could pay less than $5 for the PRO 500 MB plan of telecom company FreedomPop. Just go to their website  and type in your address to find out if they serve your location. If they do, you’ll need to buy a modem (under $70 *by the date of this article), the Freedom Spot 803s Hotspot that allows you to access the Internet. If, however, you want more data for things like watching Internet videos or sharing photos you can pay a bit more for their different plans, but for sure, cheaper that what you are paying now. P.S > by the time I was writing this article, they was offering even a 1 month free trial for you test the service.

If FreedomPop is not available in your area, there are other providers that offer high-speed Internet at a low cost. Among those, we suggest you check Net Zero or June that have DSL plans for much less that the big shots. If your income is low enough and you live in a participating state, there are also a number of programs that offer low-cost high-speed Internet services. To qualify, you’ll need to show that you’re receiving certain types of government benefits, such as Medicaid, Food Stamps, SSI, home energy assistance or public housing assistance. Among these services, I can mention Century Link, Internet Essentials and Connect2Compete. The U.S government should be implementing the Lifeline Broadband Program with participations of private companies and soon we should have more good news.

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