The 7th Los Angeles Brazilian Film Festival opening night was in true “Hollywood Style”. The talented hosted Giselle Claudino interviewed some of the top Brazilian directors and actors as they walked the long red carpet. Brazilian celebrities such as Daniela Escobar, Rita Guedes, Suzana Pires, Caio Castro and Moacyr Franco celebrated Brazilian Film in Hollywood. The Festival made outstanding choices on the Feature, Short films and Documentaries for this edition, including: “The Great Victory” by Stefano Capuzzi Lapietra, “Forever Nevermore” by Emerson Muzelli, “Chest Game” by Luis Antonio Pereira, “Son of Crime” by Daniel Ghivelder, and “The Age of Innocence” by Ivann Willing. The 7th Los Angeles Brazilian Film Festival was held for 6 days, in 3 different venues, from Sept 13 to Sept 18, 2014.

* Special thanks to Francois Palais/Photos.


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