By Lindenberg Junior | Translation: Angela Hasan

pots 716579 960 720Your home it is your sacred place, so give it the proper treatment for your own benefit. Start by eliminating smells in the kitchen and in the bathroom, purifying the air in the bedrooms, putting flowers in the living room or using crystal at the entry door. Try to give your home harmony and beauty in a natural way.


Eliminating or softening that unpleasant smell

In the kitchen:

  • Put Indian clove cinnamon or slices of orange or lemon peel in a pan with water. Simmer over a low temperature for one or two hours.
  • Put slices of bread in the refrigerator to absorb unpleasant smells.
  • Dissolve a little bit of baking soda in 2 cups of hot water, add lemon juice then put the mixture in a spray bottle and use as a room deodorizer.
  • Put vinegar in a bowl to eliminate the smell. Or even, coal in an opened recipient

In the bathroom:

  • Use some drops of your favorite oil in the internal part (cardboard) of roll of toilet paper. Every turn releases the oil fragrance in the bathroom.

Coloring and giving more happiness:

Fresh flowers add beauty, personality and even a little bit of romance to our daily life. They also make our day abathroom 1228427 960 720 happier one and bring a sensation of well being at night.

In the living room:

Put different colored flowers near the door.

In the bedroom:

On the bedside table, put flowers of soft fragrances as roses.

Attracting good energy:

Crystal light is an important item to “energize” a house. Use it at the entrance to your house or in the hallway to bedrooms and bathrooms.

The essences:

The essential oils are particularly interesting to use to harmonize any environment, mainly a home. But remember that smell is something very particular. What smells good to one person, might not smell go to another. So, when you choose a fragrance to give aroma to the environment, pay special attention to the property of the essence. Consider important factors such as other people`s taste at your house and the size and ventilation of the room. If the essence is very strong, try diluting it with a little water.


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