By Eddie Lijima

pexels pixabay 289998As far as the title goes, it certainly has positive connotations. This is due to the fact that Heart-Centered Way is warm and uplifting, as evident in the way we use such terms as heart-warming, heartfelt and heart-to-heart. In contrast, heartless conducts are devoid of emotion and therefore appear cold and impersonal. But what exactly does it mean and what implications does it have on our daily existence? To embark on this crusade, let’s take a brief look at the heart from an esoteric point of view.

First of all, the heart is closely linked to our life energy, thus when we operate from such source of wealth, we naturally gain vitality. Heart is also where your unique core essence radiates from. It’s no surprise that “prana” originated from this mighty center that is extremely potent and energizing.

Heart-Centered Way can be broken into 4 different categories or functions. So, let’s explore.

To be true to your essential self

This can mean your pursuit of what you truly love and enjoy, neither to compromise to please anyone, nor to win favor of anyone but instead to fulfill your own desires. For anyone who’s habitually bending backward to meet someone else’s needs, here’s an idea. Put yourself first for a change! I know what you are saying. In our society where our intentions and desires cohabitate and often collide head-on with others, we cannot be hell-bent on our variety of wants and needs 24-7. Indeed, life’s full of intricacies that call for wise compromise and adjustment. But know that often all it takes is to allocate time to do what feels right to you. I’m convinced you will welcome the liberating sensation you get from such authentic self-expression.

To Care

Do you care about whatever you’re engaged in at any given moment? In other words, do you put your heart into it? Even the simplest thing can be performed with just a bit more zeal and self-application. This is bound to have a tremendously positive effect on any relationship. It’s easy to see when you’re at the receiving end of heart-centered actions. In fact, this simple gesture can be magical enough to light up anyone’s day. It definitely puts forth vibrant vibes that are contagious. However, when you experience a random heartless service, for example, you feel rotten and it could even ruin your day. If you care, even if a task at hand is tedious, you make the best of a situation. And you know what? It catches people’s attention. Is it because such genuineness is rare?! So, care about what you do because to care is to live from your heart. Once you shift into this mode, people will notice, not to mention appreciate that you respect.

To Reach Out

Here, Heart-Centered Way refers to the way we give unconditionally. Feeling aspect – the emotional exchange is emphasized. At its best, we exhibit big-hearted generosity as well as sunny dispositions. Please bear in mind, sometimes actions from the heart is the best gift anyone can offer to someone. I believe a little thoughtfulness can go a long way.

To Open Your Heart

This translated into a humble approach to what life has to offer. You may initiate by relaxing your heart muscle and easing off your tense areas. Let your life energy flow naturally. Also, don’t forget to ponder and reflect on your incarnation as well as your connection to the grand scheme of things. Moreover, try not to coop yourself up in a microcosmic world. Instead, throw yourself into the infinite possibilities of the wondrous world. So, open your heart. Open the self-imposed gate today!

Energy Field

dog-walking-1070076_960_720When you pet your dog or cat half-heartedly or reluctantly (perhaps your mind is preoccupied), your furry companion can sense this. Animals are keenly attuned to the energy field, especially that of its owner. This verifies just how significant it is to be attentive to the energy field. In it, your nonverbal intentions can travel through your body as well as the morphogenetic field and reach others. Then, how can we utilize this information? How about this. The next time you touch someone you love or give a pat on your friend’s shoulder, show that you care by reaching out from your heart. Let your heart do the talking!

Further Exploration

I’m sure you’ve heard of someone say to follow your heart countless times. However, we’ve all discovered that this was one of those great sounding phrases that are easier said than done. Also, the initial inspiration fades rather quickly. It you’re like me, you’re baffled by many options your heart presents to you. Possibly, you struggle to separate what’s real from what’s not. You feel as though you have to tear away many false layers you’ve accumulated in your lifetime just to get to your heart. Then do just that. I find it effective to cultivate more alone time in hearing my inner voice.

If you happened to be searching for a true vocation/calling or that special someone, try to see if you feel right at the heart. If you feel like you can devote yourself whole-heartedly without the nagging feeling, it’s a good sign.


As it became apparent at the end, living from the heart-center brings many rewards and no drawbacks. Since your heart is connected to the pulsating life force, Heart-Centered Way generates liveliness which further increases your resilience to adversities. I may also add that it’s the esoteric solution to our often robotic way of living. And let’s not forget the importance of creating time for yourself and doing what pleases you. This is a sure-fire way to fuel your depleting life energy.

We’ve come to the conclusion that Heart-Centered Way is synonymous with authenticity, conscientiousness and compassion. It has life in it that propels your spirit to soar. Consequently, you amplify your magnetism that only you possess. Additionally and quite naturally, it’s a good thing to spread on the collective level. Finally, your heart makes the best companion and guide on your personal journey. It’s not so much about the destination, but the journey itself that counts. You guessed it. I’m a Sagittarian.


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