By Laís Oliveira |Translation: Cristiane Magalhães

Image Travel Piri 2The city of Pirenópolis is located in the Brazilian Central-West region and is in a beautiful and historic location that is also known as “the city of the Soul’s River”. It is a mystical place that is nowadays home to many esoteric communities. It was created from a small village in the Pirineus Mountains in 1727, which was developed with the arrival of the Bandeirantes (explorers). The city maintains a mixture of religious and pagan traditions, that are present in the events, and offers adventure tourism ideal for who loves to explore, hike trails and a lot more.

The city is also a perfect destination for travelers that desire days of tranquility in the midst of nature, but without having to give up comfort and good service. Located only 150 km from Brasília, capital of Brazil, and 130 km from Goiânia, “Piri”, the city’s affectionate nickname, can be reached rapidly by freeway and can even be visited in a one-day trip.

Being a little larger than 2.000km extension, Pirenópolis has 82 waterfalls, and many of them are open to the public and are known throughout the world. Those that are not into adventure, need not worry, for a good part of the waterfalls has an infrastructure with bathrooms, restaurants, small shops with arts and crafts (souvenirs), amongst other things.

Image Travel Piri 4For those who want to visit the waterfalls, the best time of the year to visit the city is at the beginning of the drought season, between the months of April and July. During this time, the volume of water is still large, but the raining season is over. It’s worth remembering that the drought season goes until November, but after July, the water volume decreases very much and the waterfalls dry up.

A great advantage of going to the city in June is to enjoy the Culinary Festival of Pirenópolis. The Festival brings together award-winning chefs that carefully elaborate regional recipes, enhanced by special ingredients that leave the audience with their mouths watering. With good hospitality and infrastructure, Pirenópolis constantly has a lot of visitors in the weekends, but when the city gets really packed is during the celebrations of the “Festa do Divino” (Divine’s Party), considered one of the most beautiful folk manifestations of Brazil.

It’s a three days event, where the “Cavalhada” is the highest point of the celebrations – which is a theatrical presentation where horsemen revive medieval fights amongst moors and Christians. The party has a floating date and it happens 45 days after Easter.

Officially registered as Cultural Heritage for its architectural, urban, landscaping and historic significance by “IPHAN” – Institute of National Historic and Artistic Heritage in 1989, Pirenópolis is a landmark of Goiás’ history, filled with historic mansions and buildings in the Historic downtown neighborhood. There is also ecotourism for the adventure sports lovers like hot air balloon trips, jumping in parachutes, Kayaking, off-roading, trails, Tyrolese, trekking, amongst others. This is a complete locality with the most varied options for all types of tourists.

Image Travel Piri 8Pirenópolis not only maintains old streets, houses and churches, but also the largest stone city of Brazil, with many rock formations sculpted by the wind and rain for millions of years, that challenge our imagination. It only takes looking at them to envision animals, faces and other daily life objects. Some of these formations are as high as 15 meters, which surprises the visitors.

An interesting fact about these formations is that many of them defy gravity and balance themselves on top of each other. The stone city is located at 1,300 meters altitude and occupies a space comparable to 850 soccer fields. Its name was given by the first visitors because they saw a complex of great buildings, a true city. With its exuberant natural beauty landscape, waterfalls, extremely rich fauna and flora, historic mansions and ideal tourism for who likes to relax, and even more for who likes adventure, Pirenópolis is an excellent destination that truly deserves to get in the travelers on duty’s list.

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