By Sylvia Silk

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“I don’t have enough money to do all the things I want to do” is a complaint I hear often. What you say, consciously or from automatic past programming, is the intention/prayer/wish the Universe/Source/Love answers. In order to have enough money to do all the things you want to do, you must learn how to ask for it and the state of consciousness to maintain. Than, when the money shows up, be willing to receive. What follows are some tips to integrate into your thinking to bring more money into your life.

First, bless the money you send out. Bless the cash you spend. Bless the checks you write. Bless the credit card papers you sign. Set up an intention to send your money out into the universe and have it returned to you multiplied. These are some of mine:

* I bless this money as it flows out. I receive this money as it flows back to me multiplied 1000-fold into forever by the grace of God. With gratitude, I allow money to flow from me and to me with ease.

The breath of LIFE flows effortlessly in and out of me. I allow money to flow effortlessly to me and from me. I relax in the knowing ALL IS WELL with me and money. I am at peace. So be it.

Second, set up a continual mantra, that repeats over and over, internally in your mind and externally in your ears,dinheiro scaled e1697581459395 that says something like: Money flows like an ocean wave, in and out, to me and from me. There is an infinite supply. The Law of the Universe I live in is abundant, prosperous and generous. Living with this type of mind chatter will eventually drown out the not enough mind chatter of early programming.

Third, be willing to give money joyfully. Anchor to JOY when you sit down to pay your bills. Offer a blessing for each one you write. Express gratitude for what you have received in exchange. This opens you to receive money. Paying your bills with fear energy, that there is not enough, closes the gateway through which money flows to you from unexpected sources. Expect money to show up unexpectedly and it will. It’s fun!


Because I live in this state of abundance consciousness, money shows up. It is a continual surprise to me to see how creative the Universe is sending me money. The most recent surprise was a card with a large check in it. It came from one of my newsletter subscribers I had met several years ago. This person wanted to express their gratitude for the Balancing Tools received each week and picked the Institute For Balanced Living to tithe to that month. Bless all the money that flows from you and fill your days with.


*Sylvia Silk is a Reconnective Healing Practitioner trained by Dr. Eric Pearl and the Executive Director of the Institute For Balanced Living, a place to go for healing, support, and transformation along your evolving path to living life in balance – 

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