General Information / Demographics

 Below you will find advertising information for our printing/digital magazine and/or our website as our editorial line and readership. Soul Brasil is published six (6) times a year. Our digital issue has FREE access to the general public and the printed version is PAID by ordering online. You can check the updated issue through this link:

 Our content or themes goes from the particular interest of our Brazilian community (such as immigration and life in the U.S) and not Brazilians interested in Brazil (such as Travel to Brasil and Brazilian culture,) to the general interest that we consider is important for all of us (health, fitness, spirituality, and self-esteem).

Our main goal is to build an imaginary cultural bridge through the arts and culture between these two countries – Brazil and the United States. But since the first edition in June of 2002, we also have a commitment to give space to global concerns and social responsibilities themes. Moreover, Soul Brasil magazine is considered the Brazilian print media in U.S pioneer to adopt the “Go Green” concept.


Our main target is Brazilians and Brazilian lovers living in the U.S (in particular living in California) as well Brazilians still living in Brazil dreaming to one day to live an American experience.

Gender: 55% Female and 45% Male

Education: 95% Graduate from High School

Income: 18% less than $18.000, 48% $18.001 to $48.000, 34% more than $48.000 per year.

Age: 7% under 18, 17% 19 to 23, 32% 24 to 34, and 44% 35 years old or more.

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Lindenberg Junior
Soul Brasil publisher