girl 2973626 960 720Innitially is good to say that creative style is not about what a person do but about how this person do it. The creative style theory, pioneered by Dr. Michael Kirton, addresses the question of why some ideas succeed and some fail even when all parties are creative. It turns out that how you do things matter.

Your style is unique to you because no one can do things the way that you do them. Your style has nothing to do with your ability as a creator. You can be a low-level or high-level creative person, but the way you innovate and adapt to different situations is what really matters when it comes to success. Knowing your creative style can help you know how you work best so that you can easily set yourself up for success.

Here is the good part as there are several tests that you can take to find out more about your own creative style. Let’s look over a few.

Kirton Adaption-Innovation Inventory

This test provides a KAI (Kirton AdaptionInnovation Inventory) for anyone to find out what their range of creative style is. KAI is a continuum, and there is no right or wrong way to be. But knowing can help you improve your actions and thus ensure that your creativity meets success. To take the test, you’ll respond to 33 statements from very easy to very hard. You will need a certified facilitator to give you your KAI score. Check HERE.

Creative Style Questionnaire

It will help you get to know your creativity and problem-solving style, increase awareness and understanding of your creative style, and more. Plus, you can get tips for overcoming anything that can hold you back. The quiz only takes five minutes, and it can be very helpful. Check  HERE.

What’s your Creative Style?

While this test itself may not be totally scientific, it is based on science. You’ll always, of course, do best to go to the real place with a KAI certified practitioner, which is the test mentioned above. However, this one is fun and you can take it right now online. One thing to remember is that according to Kirton, everyone is creative. It’s just the way that you create that’s different. Check HERE.

Finding your creative style will come through experimentation and practice. It can help to journal, draw, get into nature, and to just think. Set up your life so that you have downtime where you can get new ideas and then act on those ideas. Also, you may be high-level or low-level creative, but your style is all your own. You may adapt, or you may innovate, or you may do some of both.

Get inspired. Be criative.

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