By Lindenberg Junior

pexels pixabay 262438Nowadays there are over 1 million Brazilians in U.S. and easily another 1 million Brazilian culture lovers. As their numbers grow, the Brazilian market has become a desirable target for both Brazilian and Non-Brazilian marketers. Below you will find twelve rules to keep in mind when communicating with the Brazilian market segment:

1.  Identify your target; in general, the Brazilian consumer is not a Hispanic consumer.

2.  At the most basic level you have varying degrees of acculturation that affect the language the consumer speaks, what media they consume, their views on the world and how they may relate to a specific product or service category as well as the brands within that category.

3. Marketers and business owners should dig further than demographics, and really study the psychographics in order to find the greatest opportunity for reaching this group.

4. Knowing what Brazilian target(s) you are going after is the compass for guiding your entire marketing approach.

5. Try to tap into consumer needs and wants and deliver with the right content and in the right context; you must understand what motivates your consumer group.brazilian flag

6. An essential key is to create a connection with the consumer. Sponsor events and support community activities or advertise in community magazines such as Soul Brasil magazine and other Brazilian media channels in the U.S. Create a 360-degree approach that goes beyond traditional media and which intersects the lives of your audience on multiple platforms.

7. Before engaging in a conversation with Brazilians and inviting them to buy your product and service, it is important to do an operational audit and create an environment that will promote your product or service.

8. To appeal to the traditional Brazilian consumer, having a Portuguese speaking staff or at least bilingual materials & merchandising is necessary.

9. Don’t hesitate to get an insider “professional help”. Remember, it is important that you hire someone with experience who understands the Brazilian consumer, their culture and most importantly, how the Brazilian consumer segment is evolving.

10. Depending on your target, you must also ensure that your communication is universal in nature and not specific to a particular region or nationalities because often the same words have different meanings.

11. Don’t simply translate your message. Instead, transform it to adapt to your new audience.

12. Remember that what works in Brazil will not always work in other markets.

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