2019BRazHeartTodosKátia Moraes presents The 8th Brazilian Heart Celebration on March 2nd at the Kelman Theater in the Electric Lodge. The performance series in homage of renowned Brazilian artists will feature this year Ana Barreiro, Ana Gazzola, Diana Purim, Emina Shimanuki, Kana, Kátia Moraes, Liz Kinnon, Marcele Berger, Mariana Leite, Nando Duarte, Natália Spadini, Poliana Magalhães, and Sonia Santos.

The 8th Brazilian Heart, a Celebration: Songs of Protest & Change will have music inspired by Brazilian and American protest songs and the women will weave songs, poetry, and stories that remind us how art can inspire social change.

 The performance also salutes Tropicalia master Gilberto Gil.

“This world needs a magic touch; this is why we’re here making art; to light up the spaces in between cultures”, said Katia Moraes. The performance will be for one night only: Saturday, March 2nd at 7 PM and 9 PM at the Kelman Theater in the Electric Lodge, located at 1416 Electric Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90291.

More info here.

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