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bigstock Essential Aroma Oil With Jasmi 74159818There’s nothing more ecological than flowers and nothing more of an aphrodisiac if the flowers are jasmine. According to historians, the world over famous Cleopatra was already making use of jasmine in her hair to distract Markus Antonius during their business meetings.

Most of the oils – often used in aromatherapy, found in the market under the name “aphrodisiac” come from white flowers that blossom during the nighttime, and the jasmine flower is the queen of all. Thanks to its “stimulating components”, like the “indole” that can be found in the accent of all white flowers, jasmine is considered the world’s most sensual flower, followed by the narcissus, madonnas and lilies. The jasmine’s aroma inspires high feelings and spiritual love. It purifies, rejuvenates, attracts and seduces.

The Sandalwood is aphrodisiac oil that suits men and women and can be of great help for the “here and now moment”. In an essay published in the “International Journal of Aromatherapy” the benefits of this particular flower can encourage the climax between couples by turning fantasies into reality. The floral musk helps create the perfect atmosphere for romance. It is great for a first encounter or to make a good first impression. The Neroli (that comes from the flower of the orange) and the ylang-ylang, both help relax the body, and as a consequence, a more comfortable and appropriate environment for those moments. Exotic aromas!

The pink oil has the power to open up the hearts of both genders. For hundreds of years it has been a wonder for women and something that pleases most of men, especially if mixed-up with another flavored oil. The oils that are considered an aphrodisiac tend to be used to first physically relax, and then to contribute to the excitement. This happens because the scent activates certain areas of the brain and body helping in the excitement and pleasure!

We enjoyed our time in Brazil immensely, where for the first time an International Permaculture Conference was held in South America. Traditionally IPC’s take place every two years and switch between continents. Past host sites have been in Australia, USA, New Zealand, Scandinavia, Nepal and Croatia, while South Africa will host the next IPC9 in April 2009 – www.ipc9.org. Permaculture (Permanent Culture) is a design system based on ecological principles for creating sustainable human environments and is a whole systems approach suggesting positive solutions for a rapidly changing world.

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The Brazilian tropical herb Catuaba is famous for its aphrodisiac powers. The skin is used as tonic to bring back male potency and endurance. The Native Indians appropriately nicknamed Catuaba as “Pau de Resposta” (The rod of the answer). Studies also indicate that its energetic properties fortify the nervous system and improve memory and mental alertness.

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